ALIA and ProWorkSpaces discuss challenges and opportunities in the Coworking sector

The Investment Attraction Office of Alicante, promoted by the Local Development Agency headed by María del Carmen de España, and the Association of Flexible Workspace Operators (ProWorkSpaces), chaired by Eduardo Salsamendi, have gathered this Friday at TerretUp around fifty managers of this type of entities and service companies in the city to analyze the challenges and opportunities of a sector that is experiencing rapid growth in Alicante.

De España highlighted in her speech “the potential offered by the city of Alicante to attract companies and corporations, as well as the need to have a powerful ecosystem of coworkings or flexible offices to enable these deployments”.

“One of the objectives of the conference is to highlight the potential of the association in the dialogue with the local administration and as a meeting point between the spaces in the province of Alicante.” This was expressed by Diego Tomás, director of Genion and Terretup and member of the Board of Directors of ProWorkSpaces in the framework of ‘The coworking thermometer’, an event organized in Alicante by the employers’ association of these business centers, which brought together more than 50 attendees, including professionals and entities of the sector.

Along the same lines, “the new ways of working and the rise of remote work pose new challenges for companies, which, in order to attract and retain talent, must redefine the role of offices within companies, and make workers want to go to the offices, where community, teamwork and engagement with the organization are cultivated”, in the words of Eduardo Salsamendi.

In this aspect, the potential of medium-sized cities such as Alicante and their ability to attract companies is important, as well as caring for and promoting local talent. For this, it is important to have a solid network of coworkings, of various types and sizes, which can serve both freelancers and local companies, as well as large corporations.

The event, whose main objective is to provide answers about the sector to the main questions of operators, investors, real estate or suppliers, was attended by the Councilor for Employment and Promotion of Alicante and head of the Local Development Agency of the city, Mari Carmen de España, who explained the projects and spaces that the City Council has for the development of coworking activities and support for entrepreneurship, such as the Territorios Futura del Espacio Vaillo, the Tossal Lab or the Entrepreneurship Center”.

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