Access the periodic studies prepared by ALIA on economic intelligence and market analysis of the city of Alicante.

December 2023
Dynamic economic intelligence report: MONITORING OF ALICANTE COMPANIES

This informative note analyzes the local agenda and the main strategies developed by different entities, carried out with the aim of developing and encouraging the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and companies in Alicante. In particular, it will be analyzed the particular case of the Digital District and the business network that conforms, being the axis of action and technological attraction, investor and main talent of the transforming process in digital key and innovation that is living the economy of Alicante, with the aim of turning the province, especially the city of Alicante in the main technological and business hub of the Mediterranean. Finally, mention will be made of large companies and multinationals with significant economic activity in the province of Alicante.

November 2023
Dynamic economic intelligence report: ANALYSIS OF MULTINATIONAL EXPANSION

This information note provides a structural analysis of the business fabric of the main multinational companies and industrial groups in the province of Alicante and Spain, their sectors of activity and specialization, and their geographical location. To locate them on the map, we will use the main stock market index of the country, the IBEX 35, and the turnover data of the main companies in the country. The major groups in our country specialize in the banking sector, tourism, oil, energy, construction, food and telecommunications. As for their location, the vast majority are located in the capital of Spain, Madrid, while the rest are scattered in a very residual way in other provinces with great economic relevance such as A Coruña, Alicante, Barcelona, Bilbao or Valencia, among others.

November - December 2023

Alicante is an attractive city, with a strong tourist image, but it does not stop there. It has unique characteristics that give it the ability to create a heterogeneous business fabric, with a presence in virtually all sectors of activity, and increasingly present in the sectors of the future thanks to the ongoing public-private efforts to transform the economic model of the province in a digital and innovative key.

April 2023
Dynamic economic intelligence report: EMPLOYABILITY AND DIGITALIZATION

In this fourth dynamic note, an analysis is made of the skills and knowledge of the labor force in Alicante, its fit with the needs of the labor market demand, and the state of business digitalization and the skills of workers in the province. This note will be complemented with Dynamic Note 5 on the analysis of Alicante’s productive environment and with the third bimonthly report.

October 2023

After analyzing the image of the city and the province of Alicante through different indicators of opinion, web searches, various reports on the national perception of it, indicators that reflect the interest in it and trends associated with its brand internally and nationally, we will now analyze its projection and competitiveness from an international perspective when it comes to attracting investment and talent. In order to do this, we will focus on the analysis of the trademark from the point of view of tourism, travelers and nomads who decide to make a short or long stay in our lands.

Tourism is the sector that better reflects how competitive is the brand that we export abroad, so the tourist’s perception and the nomad’s opinion that decides to settle in our neighborhoods is key to understand what are the strengths, weaknesses and potential of the city in foreign eyes, understanding the reason for their stay or possible future permanent residence. Therefore, this feedback is required to obtain the closest image to a reliable representation of the reality of our city.