ALIA and Alicantec analyze the challenges of the future of business and entrepreneurship

The Alicante Investment Attraction Office and the Association for the Promotion and Development of Technology and the Knowledge Society of Alicante (Alicantec) have joined forces in the definition of roadmaps that serve to anticipate the objectives that the business, entrepreneurial and investment sectors will face in the medium and short term.

This collaboration took place during the conference ‘Strategy for new business, entrepreneurship and investment challenges’, organized by ALIA and aimed at the associates of Alicantec, made up of companies, entrepreneurs, startups or organizations that base their activity on the development of the digital economy and technological entrepreneurship.

The event was attended by the Councilor for Employment and Promotion of Alicante and president of the Local Development Agency (promoter of ALIA), María del Carmen de España, who, in addition to welcoming the attendees, has made available two of the strategies that the consistory has activated to enhance the image of the capital of Alicante as a technological reference and as a focus for attracting investment, Alicante Futura and ALIA, respectively.

The conference was also attended by representatives of the Business Confederation of the Valencian Community (CEV Alicante), the Science Park of the University of Alicante, the Association of Economists of the province, as well as other professional associations, SMEs from multiple sectors and the general public.

During the session, the managing partner of Europa Innovación, Beatriz Soler, who gave the conference ‘European funding opportunities for technology-based companies’; and the head of the Employment and Training department of the ADL, Silvia Morales, who has been in charge of presenting the ‘Training courses on demand’ of the Alicante office.

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