Institutional representatives and experts from the Czech Republic visit Alicante to study the city’s business sector

The Local Development Agency leads a visit together with the Vice Governor of the Region of Hradec Králové, to highlight the practices aimed at job creation and economic growth in the city of Alicante. Institutional representatives from the Czech Republic, including Pavel Bulíček – First Deputy Governor of the Region of Hradec Králové together with his technical team were welcomed by Antonio Peral, Councillor for new technologies of the City Council of Alicante and second spokesman of the Popular Party of Alicante. The delegation made a study visit to the city of Alicante, led by the Alicante Investment Agency (ALIA) and the Local Development Agency.
The Alicante Investment Attraction Office spearheaded the visit with the aim of showcasing the impact of innovation and entrepreneurship on economic growth and employment, talent retainment and business creation. During their stay, the Czech representatives had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the city’s vibrant ecosystem of innovation and learn experience about its various features. Among some of the sights visited were the municipal space for business incubators (SUITERS), the Digital District and the City of Light, the Las Atalayas Industrial Estate, the Príncipe Felipe Incubator and Lanzadera, and the University of Alicante Science Park. This visit has laid the groundwork for the exchange of knowledge and experiences in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship between Alicante and the Czech Republic, as well as to enhance future cooperation and promote economic development and job creation in both regions.

Bimonthly economic report July – August 2023: ALICANTE’S COMPETITIVE SITUATION