Bimonthly economic report July – August 2023: ALICANTE’S COMPETITIVE SITUATION

The fourth bimonthly report focuses on the study of Alicante and its competitors from two territorial perspectives: an analysis at the provincial level and another at the city level, with European and international competitors. The aim is to study the advantages and disadvantages in terms of quality of life and cost of living, economic performance, tourist accessibility and business ecosystem, when attracting international funds. The profile of national, European and global competitors detected is very varied, including areas with a tourist profile, regions that have carried out a process of transforming their economy through innovation, large cities surrounded by an innovative ecosystem and competitors that base their economic model on industry.

Bimonthly report (May-June 2023): Alicante, Mediterranean Hub: Productive environment and investment trends in the city.
Institutional representatives and experts from the Czech Republic visit Alicante to study the city’s business sector