From the Investment Attraction Office we will celebrate this June 2nd the Alicante Investment Summit 2023, where we will bring together experts from the financial sector and various national and international investment funds, in Panoramis life & Business, which promises to be an enriching experience full of networking opportunities, where you can present your project or company to prestigious investment funds.

Our goal is to provide attendees with a deep and updated vision of the world of investment funds, as well as to encourage networking and valuable connections between professionals. In addition to the presentation of the funds where they will explain the financing/investment mechanisms, we will have in the round table with experts in this field and other specialties, as well as examples of relevant success stories that have taken place in our province.

Private meetings of companies with the participating funds will be organized during this event. The agenda will be established by the funds themselves and they will select those companies that meet their objectives, therefore, we invite you to request a possible meeting in the following form: :

If you are an individual, regardless of your level of investment experience, this event has a lot to offer you. It will be a unique opportunity to learn, exchange ideas and explore new investment possibilities. Register at the following link:

We look forward to seeing you at this unique event. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this first class learning and networking experience.




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