REGUS lands in Alicante with a project to open three new centers

Last Friday, October 28th, María del Carmen de España, Councilor for Employment and Development of the Alicante City Council, attended the official opening of the REGUS space at the Business World Alicante (BWA) together with Philippe Jiménez, IWG Group Manager for Spain.

Philippe Jimenez, also Vice President of Sales for Southern Europe, Benelux and United Kingdom, attended the opening ceremony from Barcelona, its national base of operations, and had the opportunity to speak with Maria del Carmen de España, conveying the good results of REGUS Alicante, with a growth of 37% in the last four months.

Both agreed on the importance of initiatives like this, as they contributed to improving the supply of services and facilities in the city. The councilor confirmed that these workspaces were in great demand by foreign companies and investors who periodically contact ALIA to manage their establishment in Alicante.

Philippe Jiménez expressed his gratitude to the councilor for the commitment and the boost that, from the Local Development Agency of the Alicante City Council, was being given to promote technology. He commented that, although Barcelona and Madrid had monopolized, until now, most of the new openings, the strategy of the British company was oriented to grow with their workspaces in the provincial capitals, and for Alicante they planned to open new centers in addition to the existing one. He spoke of new projects for the city and the bet that, from IWG, was being valued in the opening of new workspaces with the different brands of the group, the HQ brand, for a more affordable segment, and the Spaces brand aimed at a higher range.

He emphasized the importance that IWG gave to the demands of professionals and companies in this type of spaces to achieve flexible work centers, with high quality network connections and total security in their connectivity and data transfer. He added, “companies look to us for the technology we make available to them and for the flexibility of our spaces”.

After the ceremony, María del Carmen de España, accompanied by the country manager and those present, visited the workspace facilities and attended a presentation of the business project in the auditorium by Philippe Jiménez, where he expressed his goal of bringing hybrid work to many more people, and his mission, that customers would be proud of it. He also explained events that had been decisive for the expansion of the sector, such as the acceleration of teleworking due to the pandemic and the factors that had meant that this change could no longer be reversed with the emergence of so-called hybrid work. Among the decisive factors that had consolidated hybrid work in society, he highlighted the advantages for women, the conciliation, the reduction of real estate costs for companies and the contribution to the planet with the collective use of spaces as well as the reduction of transport and its emissions.

He spoke about mental health related to the work environment, and the benefits of hybrid work and its relationship with increased creativity and productivity. He also valued the sociological shift that companies were making to adapt to the demands of their most important asset, talent, which demanded cities with light, places away from the big cities, quality of life, work flexibility and locations where they could combine their hobbies with work, and said that Alicante was, for these reasons, a sure bet for success.

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