Living in Alicante: cost of housing and best areas

One of the most influential factors when choosing to open a new company or subsidiary in another country, when it involves the displacement of part of the workforce, is the price of housing in the destination, as it is an aspect that has a direct impact on the quality of life of employees.

In this aspect, Alicante is below the Spanish average in cost of living, according to data compiled in the study of the Institute of Regional and Metropolitan Studies of Barcelona (IERMB), in collaboration with the Pompeu Fabra University, the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the City Council of the Catalan capital.

As shown in an analysis by Idealista, one of the most well-known national real estate portals, there has been a recession in the evolution of the price per square meter in January 2022 compared to the data provided in January 2021. Specifically, this negative growth has been 2.3%.

This drop in the price per square meter may seem insignificant, but, if translated into absolute terms, it means a lower cost by 34 euros per square meter over a period of one year. Exactly 1,494 euros (2021) compared to 1,460 euros in 2022.

These figures are far from those shown in 2007, at the height of the economic crisis caused by the real estate bubble, with prices of up to 1,855 euros per square meter.

Digging deeper into this data and taking the approach a step further, the average data fluctuates in the different areas of the city. As would be expected, the center of Alicante considerably exceeds the average with data of 2,002 €/m2, while in areas such as Benalua or San Nicolás, prices of 1,277 €/m2 and 984 €/m2, respectively, are shown. The final choice corresponds, as would be expected, to the end consumer.

In relation to the average price per home, according to data provided by the Realadvisor web portal, to buy a house would range around 350,000 euros, while in the case of apartments it would be around 149,000 euros. If we focus on the rent, the average would be 1,300 euros for the case of houses and 700 euros for the average monthly rent of apartments. The minimum and maximum according to each category would be as follows:

Value expressed in € Maximum Price Minimum Price
Houses Sale 1.098.000 105.000
Rent (80% of the houses) 500 3.900


Value expressed in € Maximum Price Minimum Price
Apartments Sale 65.000 346.300
Rent (80% of the houses) 440 1.200

Tables based on data.

Another portal, which is Fotocasa, offers similar data and an average value per property of 163,571 euros. In addition, they show the most common characteristics of the residences in Alicante, which would be: apartments of up to 90m2, with an average of 3 bedrooms. It should not be underestimated that this average price will vary according to size, geographical area and access to public services or characteristics of the property itself such as a parking space, having a terrace, elevator or if the property itself is furnished. Regarding to the price per m2 for rental properties, the average value is around 800 euros, varying in turn according to the specifications mentioned above.

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