ALIA attends the World Summit AI in Amsterdam to attract new investments

A team from the Investment Attraction Office of the capital of Alicante will be actively working at the most important Artificial Intelligence summit in the world, with the aim of attracting new business projects that can land in the city.

ALIA – Alicante Investment Agency continues to work on attracting investment for the city, both from Alicante itself and from anywhere in the world. Proof of this is the presence of a team from the office at the World Summit AI fair in Amsterdam, held on October 12 and 13.

In this sense, ALIA professionals traveled to the capital of the Netherlands to hold a series of meetings with startups, investment funds and European multinationals that allow the arrival in Alicante of new companies and business projects that represent investments for the city.

The World Summit AI fair in Amsterdam is the world’s leading summit in the field of Artificial Intelligence, bringing together a global ecosystem of entrepreneurship, technology companies, startups and investors in the sector, who participate in a program focused on addressing the main needs, developments and trends in this field.

Among the participants in this edition of the event are experts from Google and the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, as well as NASA, META, Nvidia, DeepMind, the University of Virginia, Sony, Amazon, IBM, and the Dutch and Estonian governments, among others.

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